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Let's go to phase V!

On August 2, the government launched a call for applications for the renewal of the Competitiveness Clusters label for the period 2023 - 2026.

The goal? To strengthen the competitiveness clusters in their mission of technological and industrial innovation in strategic sectors.

To continue to support its members and industry players as effectively as possible, Polymeris, the competitiveness cluster for rubbers, plastics and composites, submitted its application in early October.

Our purpose

To support companies in the polymer sectors by providing in-depth knowledge of the techniques and markets of tomorrow.

The conclusions of Phase IV

The labeling Phase IV of competitiveness clusters is coming to an end (2019-2022).

All the teams of POLYMERIS would like to thank you for the support you have given us. During this period and thanks to you, POLYMERIS has been able to develop and carry out many actions in order to provide the best support to the polymer actors.


Members including


Industrial members


Projects labelled and financed over the last


Years for more than €177m



Projects in progress


in R&D and 5 in industrialization


European projects of which



in progress

Polymeris' vision a projection into the future

An update Polymeris' strategy

Promoting a network of excellence

Strengthening the polymer ecosystem in support of the other players in the sector

Accelerate the dual ecological and digital transition of the sector

Polymeris: a reference framework to boost the dual ecological and digital transition

Accelerate innovations and technologies

Reactor of innovative companies' projects

To become the leading cluster in Europe and internationally

Cooperate and continue our growth for the benefit of the cluster members

Our 3 mains areas of focus

Polymeris will accelerate technological and scientific synergies between industry and academia to meet the challenges of the circular economy (eco-design, recycling, resource saving, social responsibility) and the industry of the future (digitization, agility, adaptability, performance) and Advanced Materials.

Advanced materials

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Circular economy

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Digital factory

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We wish today to co-build with you, a new Polymeris for 2023-2026!



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