The Polymeris industrial committee aims to support industrialization projects when the R&D phase is over and the proof of concept has been completed. This targets start-ups as well as SMEs or even mid-sized companies in the context of diversification projects, for example.

This may involve projects for the installation of production equipment lines, automation or robotisation.

The committee assesses these business projects and this can lead to the Pôle's Innovative Company label for the most emblematic.

Emblematic projects

Let us quote a few examples with the company CYCL-ADD with installations for recycling paints or toner powders and the integration of these boosters in the plastic material to reinforce a performance or to bring a new criterion.

AIN FIBERS is also notable with a line of spinning polymer materials (recycled or not) to make technical textiles for sportswear, for example with AURA EVOLUTION or SIMON SAS with digital printing equipment for connected card cases. vital, health or other prescriptions.

Among the industrial projects, the S2P platform also deserves to be mentioned with the mastery of surface functionalisation technologies for the transfer of electronic components or conductive tracks onto a polymer substrate.