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General Meeting of the Polytronics project

On Tuesday June 13, we were lucky enough to be able to organize the 6-month meeting of our EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hubs) POLYTRONICS. We began with a progress report from all the members of the consortium, followed by a series of workshops designed to help companies make the most of their digital transformation.
As a reminder, the aim of Polytronics is to support polymer materials companies (plastics, textiles, composites and rubbers) in their digital transformation thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

These improvements will be achieved through two areas of innovation:

  • PRODUCT INNOVATION: Design and development of innovative, smarter polymer products with new functionalities, such as printed electronics.
  • PROCESS INNOVATION: Using AI to improve manufacturing processes, with better management of energy and resources, but also higher product quality and lower scrap rates.

Project consortium

To carry out this project, Polymeris is working with a number of partners, including :

The project is supported by the Regions Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Bourgogne-Franche Comté and Centre-Val de Loire.



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