HI France label, find out about our members with the hi France label in September 2022

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  • HI France label, find out about our members with the hi France label in September 2022
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Are you planning to raise funds? Polymeris is with you!

Since 2010, the French Competitiveness Clusters have been supporting innovative companies in strengthening their equity capital through a national label, the Innovative Company of the Clusters (EIP) label. In 2021, the French Competitiveness Clusters, within the French Association of Competitiveness Clusters, wanted to give a new impetus and strengthen their support to the search for private funding for the growth and internationalization of startups and innovative companies. This national labeling process enhances the scientific base and market potential of innovations developed in France by drawing on the combined expertise of technological and market experts from the public and private sectors.

Facilitating access to investors is the ambition of this label renamed "hi France".

Discover the 3 POLYMERIS members who have just been awarded the hiFrance label in September 2022.

The MOB-E-SCRAP company was created in 2021 to develop a new generation of delamination technology that allows the recycling of multi-layer and multi-material materials with a purely mechanical process.
Location: Martignat / Ain (01)

The French startup Polyloop develops and markets compact and easy-to-use recycling units, installed on the processor's site. The recycling unit, dedicated to thermoplastic composite materials, allows the regeneration of formulated polymers thanks to its recycling process by selective dissolution and precipitation. Polyloop provides a solution for recycling and reintegrating high quality raw materials into its production. Don't buy what you already have, take it from your waste!
Location : Génissieux / Drôme (26)

CASCADE develops optically active formulations, which by absorption and re-emission, convert certain wavelengths of sunlight to improve agricultural yields and crop quality while reducing production costs and consumption of fertilizers and water. CASCADE participates in the movement towards sustainable agriculture.
Location : Clamart / Hauts-de-Seine (92)

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Then NOVANDSAT, RECNOREC and SIMIA in June 2022. Read the article


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