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About France 2030

  • France 2030 has a twofold ambition: to transform key sectors of our economy (health, energy, automotive, aeronautics and space) through technological innovation in the long term, and to position France not just as a player, but as a leader in the world of tomorrow. From basic research, to the emergence of an idea, to the production of a new product or service, France 2030 supports the entire life cycle of innovation up to its industrialization.
  • 54 billion will be invested so that our companies, universities and research organizations can successfully make the transition in these strategic sectors. The challenge is to enable them to respond competitively to the ecological and attractiveness challenges of the coming world, and to create the future leaders of our fields of excellence. France 2030 is defined by two cross-cutting objectives: to devote 50% of its spending to decarbonizing the economy, and 50% to emerging players who bring innovation without spending that is unfavorable to the environment (in line with the DoNoSignificantHarm principle).
  • Will be implemented collectively: designed and deployed in consultation with economic, academic, local and European players to determine the strategic orientations and flagship actions. Project leaders are invited to submit their applications via open, demanding and selective procedures in order to benefit from the State's support.
  • It is steered at the national level by the General Secretariat for Investment on behalf of the Prime Minister and implemented by the Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME), the National Research Agency (ANR), the Public Investment Bank (Bpifrance) and the Banque des Territoires.
  • At the departmental level, the France 2030 program is coordinated by the France 2030 Sub-Prefects and the Acceleration of Industrial Investments. At the regional level, coordination is carried out by the State Economic Service in the Region (SEER) of the DREETS and in particular by the France 2030 referent.

About the territorialized component of France 2030

  • In the 54 billion euros allocated to the financing of innovative projects and their industrialization by France 2030, 500 million are dedicated to a territorialized component that perpetuates a strong and sustainable partnership between the State and the Regions, major partners for economic development. The regionalized France 2030 program is based on three priorities: consolidating economic growth, encouraging regional resilience, accelerating transitions, and responding to ecological, energy, digital and health challenges.
    The "Centre-Val-de Loire - Regionalized France 2030" scheme is divided into four areas:
    • Innovation projects - France 2030 (part 1): support for the design of innovations in the feasibility study or experimental development phase;
    • Sectors projects - France 2030 (part 2): support for the structuring of key regional sectors through the financing of pooled investment and R&D expenses;
    • Collaborative R&D projects (regionalized I-Demo) - France 2030 (part 3): support for collaborative research and development projects conducted by a consortium of at least two industrial or service partners, including one SME or ETI, and one research partner, with disseminating and integrating effects within a sector;
    • Innovative training - France 2030 (part 4): support for the engineering and initiation of partnership projects for professional training and innovative support services.


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