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Polymeris 2020-2025 strategy

The project led by POLYMERIS aims to become a leading, recognized and acclaimed competitive cluster, bringing together all the Rubber, Plastics & Composites players, around a POLYMERIS roadmap built around 2 major strategic axes: Industry of the Future and the Circular Economy.

POLYMERIS thus intends to play the role of innovation referent for Rubber, Plastics & Composites on French and European territory to work in favor of a transforming, dynamic and innovative industry, supporting the emergence and sustainability of stronger, more integrated ecosystems. between public and private actors, ultimately enabling France, its regions and its companies to achieve excellence in key sectors of the future, while being part of a stronger European ambition.

EPOXY resins - Launch of the European project VIABLE

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a commodity chemical produced in large quantities each year worldwide. It is used in the production of epoxy resins and polycarbonates. However, its endocrine disrupting properties and fossil-based composition raise concerns about its environmental impact and health toxicity, as well as its durability.

The VIABLE (Valorization of lignin bIomass into competitive components grAdually replacing BPA in the formuLation of Epoxy resins) project aims to improve the sustainability and environmental impact of epoxy resin manufacturing by reducing the BPA content in epoxy resin formulation by 20-50%.

Launch of the community for materials and the circular economy

Since 2020, the Polymeris, Materalia and Plastinnov Technology Platform clusters have joined forces to organize a cycle of webinars dedicated to Circular Economy approaches in the materials field and in which you have participated. These events provided the groundwork for the launch of the "COMETE" community (Community for Materials and the Circular Economy), which was initiated this summer.

COSMEBOOSTE: Creation of a digital expertise platform in cosmetics

Creation of a digital expertise platform for cosmetics, to assess the risk levels of content/container

The CosmeBooste project is financially supported by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, in order to "Boost the competitiveness of strategic regional sectors". Supported by a regional consortium of 7 public and private partners in the cosmetics and plastics industries, its ambition is to achieve three objectives:

  • to identify regional skills and promote the sector in the region
  • to provide a digital expertise platform on the assessment of content/container risks,
  • and thus to promote eco-design through the integration of recycled material

The challenge will be to create a digital expertise platform, developing predictive models based on the assessment of risks linked to the exposure of substances in packaging materials, potentially harmful to human health.

The project started in June 2021 and will last for 3 years with a total budget of 900 k€.


On the road to smart materials and the digital transition of the polymer industry

The DIH (Digital Innovation Hub) Polytronics project aims to support polymer manufacturers in their digital transition for the plastics, textiles, composites and elastomers sectors, by offering them the opportunity to use the data obtained via AI. their products and their manufacturing processes. Polytronics combines expertise in AI and from these 4 sectors to meet the needs of businesses in a personalized, comprehensive and easy-to-access manner via a one-stop-shop powered by Polymeris.

It also relies on a network of leading European partners such as the VTT research center in Finland, a leader in printed electronics technologies, or the Fraunhofer IAO institute in Stuttgart, which is an expert in the introduction of intelligence. artificial in production systems.

This initiative has already been selected at national level and is the subject in 2021 of a call for applications from the European Commission.


Opening of a third place for innovation in the plastics industry

In order to meet this expectation of the plastics industry present in Haute-Loire, Polymeris has launched a third-place project thanks to the support of the Region, a unique place for meetings and exchanges between plastics professionals.

Established in the town of Villettes, since October 1, 2020, the PLASTIC VELAY project offers a range of services and brings together, on a single site, the various players in the plastics industry with various skills. This physical and virtual meeting space (thanks to the use of ICT tools) now makes it possible to freely share resources, skills and knowledge.