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Performance Path

Bring your R&D projects to a successful conclusion thanks to Polymeris

Are you developing a new product? Are you setting up a new process?

Polymeris supports you in all stages of your innovation project, from the emergence of the pre-project with a perspective of labeling, the search for partners, the setting up of the project, the submission of the file to the funders, the implementation and the operational follow-up until the valorization of the results.

Are you an industrial company? A start-up? A provider?

Are you looking for advice and support to make your R&D projects a reality? Assistance in the deployment of your project and the valorization of results?

So take advantage of our personalized offer: Performance path:


Personalized support

Support in setting up and submitting R&D projects:


Formalisation procedures

Life Cycle Analysis

Proposal set-up until submission on the platform

Diagnosis of innovation with support for the implementation of an organization adapted to a specific innovation strategy

Europe :

Pitch support

Support for the financing of R&D projects:

Pre-audit of CIR/CII eligibility

Financial valuation of a CIR/CII declaration

Drafting of technical files justifying CIR/CII

Management of European projects (financial, technical and administrative)

Structuring of R&D projects to improve the materiality and traceability of projects


Personalized project monitoring:

Coordination of meetings

Financial reporting

Communication pack

Support in the valuation of results

IP strategy, Business partnership

Organization of Steering committees, Writing of SC, reviews with funders.


Industrialization study:

Definition and optimization of processes,

Operational implementation of the recommendations.

This study is done through internal analysis and with the support of targeted partners.


Search for possible follow-up to the project:

new project, dissemination, search for complementary aids and subsidies, creativity management, emergence and development of ideas to transpose them into new innovation or R&D projects