You want to position yourself on the export market? We can help you !

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  • You want to position yourself on the export market? We can help you !

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Do you want to position yourself internationally?
Polymeris, through the International Club, supports you in your export projects in several ways:

1) Trade fairs: we are present at the main events in the sector.
How do we support you?

  • On our booth, we prepare the trade fair together.
  • Through webinars on trade fairs and country focus to allow you to monitor and identify opportunities.

2) Missions: they are organized outside of trade shows to respond to identified interests and opportunities.
How do we accompany you?

  • You join the Mission that we prepare together

3) European projects with an international vocation: in the framework of which we organize international missions.
How do we support you?

  • You accompany us in person and we inform you about remote missions
  • We raise awareness and mobilize our partners for market points

4) Saudi Arabia

  • Dans le cadre de notre collaboration avec Aramco, nous serons présents, à travers la personne de en Arabie Saoudite. Nous serons alors en mesure de faire de la veille, d’identifier tendances et opportunités pour les partager avec nos adhérents.
  • Within the framework of our collaboration with Aramco, we will be present, through the person of Jessym DJEBBARD, in Saudi Arabia. We will then be able to monitor, identify trends and opportunities to share them with our members.

Finally, Laure MARCHAND is at your disposal to get to know you and talk about your projects and to accompany you in the best way possible. Contact her !


Upcoming club meeting:

Meet us on Tuesday, February 15, 2022, 11am - 12pm, for a webinar presenting the International Club! Discover how the Cluster can help you export!


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Registration by mail to Laure MARCHAND +33 (0)6 31 31 04 50

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