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POLYMERIS is currently a partner in 4 European projects that operate in cascade funding: AI REGIO, AMULET, RIGHTWEIGHT and DIGIPRIME. These projects have a sum allocated to finance R&D and technological projects on a specific theme: artificial intelligence for AI REGIO, lightweighting and advanced materials for AMULET and RIGHTWEIGHT, a circular economy platform for DIGIPRIME.
These funding cascades are structured around different phases:
The call for challenges constitutes the first phase: during this phase, the consortium collects different challenges (issues) from principals. The principals have the opportunity to explain their technological barriers and their blocking problems in relation to the project theme. These technological challenges are formatted and are then submitted to the European project's call for challenges.

Following the selection of the challenges, the Open call phase follows for the solution providers. The challenges are presented to innovation players (mainly SMEs), who apply to provide solutions to these challenges.

In the case of the AI-REGIO project, a 1st Open Call took place in 2021 to select 8 experiments led by SMEs to complete the current project portfolio with manufacturing solutions using artificial intelligence. A 2nd Open Call is planned for March 2022.
For the RIGHTWEIGHT project, the 2nd Open Call is underway and will close on February 18, 2022. The Open Call will then be open until April 11, 2022.
The Open Call relevant to the DIGIPRIME  industry sector will be open at the end of 2022 (November 1 to December 31).

The SMEs selected to solve the challenges receive compensation, the nature of which depends on the typology of the project. For example, in the AMULET project or in the DIGIPRIME project, the SMEs receive a financial sum and in the RIGHTWEIGHT project, the SMEs receive services from the consortium partners, we speak of voucher (example of service: fire resistance test).

For AMULET and AI-REGIO, it is necessary to build a consortium in order to respond to the call for proposals. In this case, matchmaking opportunities are offered by the project partners to allow you to meet potential partners to respond to the challenge in a collaborative manner.

Cascade funding projects are an excellent opportunity to create a network between contractors and SMEs on a European scale. These projects also allow SMEs to access European projects and funding through simplified and adapted applications.

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