The Scientific Committee of POLYMERIS: its role and missions

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  • The Scientific Committee of POLYMERIS: its role and missions
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This committee is an integral part of the life and operation of the cluster, with the main mission of contributing to the definition of its strategic and scientific orientations. Half of the committee is made up of academic experts and the other half of industrialists recognized at the national and international level for their skills in the field of materials and processes.
The Scientific Committee, led by its chairman and vice-chairman, meets every two months, rotating through the cluster's different regions. It builds and implements the technological and scientific roadmap. 24 themes have been identified, along with the expected challenges and technological obstacles to be overcome.
For each theme, four people (two experts from the scientific committee accompanied by two of the cluster's internal project managers) are in charge of leading the scientific and technological watch and initiating innovation projects. The main objectives are :
  • Transfer and inform the cluster's community via technical days, webinars, and other events that feed the ecosystem's events calendar.
  • Collect information on events and conferences and inform the community, for example by participating in national or international trade fairs and by informing our members of new developments in the areas of interest.
  • Identify and launch at least one project/year on each of these themes: one of the key points of this roadmap is to have innovation projects on each theme with the involvement of our members to boost these subjects and create value for our companies.
  • Organize a scientific watch and distribute a relevant monthly newsletter with the most remarkable article of the month for each of the topics of this roadmap.

In addition to its work on the cluster's technology roadmap, the Scientific Committee also has two main missions:

  • Strengthen the interface and link between the scientific community (universities, schools or research centers) and industry. This is done in particular during an annual scientific day on a strong theme with academic conferences.
  • To increase the cluster's influence in the national and international scientific community (symposiums, publications, etc.) and to promote the innovative nature of the roadmap in scientific events of international influence.
Last but not least, the role of the scientific committee is to examine technological and R&D projects in accordance with the rules set out in the cluster's internal quality process, to communicate its recommendations to the project leader and its opinions to the labeling committee.
A regular assessment of the actions carried out is made and a reflection is carried out on the evolutions to be integrated into the future technological roadmap, as will be done shortly for the end of phase VI of the clusters.

A new technology watch bulletin

Since the beginning of January 2022, the cluster and the experts of its scientific committee have joined forces with the CTI-IPC monitoring teams to offer POLYMERIS members a monthly technology watch bulletin on the themes of its technology roadmap. With the end of phase IV of the clusters, 2022 will be the opportunity to review the key themes. We invite all our members to bring up the trends or needs they would like to see addressed in order to strengthen these industrial/academic links to bring out the innovations of tomorrow.


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