The Perform'Industrie Centre-Val de Loire program has been extended until the end of 2023

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  • The Perform'Industrie Centre-Val de Loire program has been extended until the end of 2023
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The program, which has already helped 90 SMEs or ETIs in the region to improve their industrial performance, aims to help 180 companies by the end of 2023.
Bourges, Supported by Cetim, a Carnot-accredited technological institute, the Perform'Industrie Centre Val de Loire support program has been extended until the end of 2023. 90 SMEs and ETIs in the region can still benefit. This program offers to support them to improve their industrial performance whatever their level of maturity and their weapons in the face of economic, technological, organizational, environmental and societal challenges of today and tomorrow.
Since the launch of the program in 2020, 90 companies have been supported. The most recent is CF Embal, a family business that manufactures ecological wooden packaging. The outside view of the expert commissioned by Perform'Industrie has enabled the company to improve its methodology, organization and the quality of its finished products and to set up new processes. "Today, we produce better, without difficulty, with less energy and less waste thanks to better maintenance and the implementation of new tools that allow information to flow more smoothly," says Arnaud Delebecque, director and operations manager of CF Embal.

Find the complete testimony of CF Embal on the Perform Industrie website.

The Perform'Industrie Centre-Val de Loire program aims to support companies in the region in improving their industrial performance and competitiveness. Its ambition is also to help industrialists to bounce back immediately and durably in the current context through specific support courses.
The State and the Region have entrusted Cetim with the management of the program's Consortium, which brings together Aract, Bpifrance, the Consular Network, the Club Industrie du Futur, Cresitt, DEV'UP, France Chimie Centre-Val de Loire, Polyvia, Numeum, the Pôle Formation UIMM - Afpi Centre-Val de Loire, the UIMM Centre-Val de Loire and the UIMM Loiret-Touraine
Objective: to support 180 companies (VSEs/SMEs/ITs) between now and the end of 2023 to improve their transformation, mutation and projection towards the future.

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