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A look back at the Polymeris highlights during the fair!

This year's K in Düsseldorf celebrated its 70th anniversary! With 3,037 exhibitors offering the widest range of innovations along the entire value chain, K 2022 offered a comprehensive overview of the industry. Exhibitors came from 60 countries, with strong participation from Europe, including Germany, Italy, Austria, Turkey, the Netherlands, Switzerland and France (110+ exhibitors), as well as from the USA.

Polymeris worked with the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Business France and Polyvia to offer its members and partners visibility, innovation tours and networking opportunities to encourage meetings. In the run-up to the show, we raised awareness among our European and international partners in order to highlight our members supported by Polymeris at the show.

A delegation of 20 exhibiting members

Polymeris, in collaboration with Business France, accompanied 20 companies as exhibitors at the show. Polymeris' support enabled them to benefit from increased visibility within our network as well as dedicated support before and during the show.

Networking moments

Breakfasts for exhibitors, networking cocktail with our European and international partners, reception of the participants of the Polyvia delegation. In total, six exchange sessions took place in order to promote meetings between exhibitors from different halls and partners of our network. Delegations from Canada, USA, India, Japan, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Sweden and Saudi Arabia participated.

Deux innovations tours thématiques pour découvrir les grandes tendances du moment

Polymeris a proposé des innovation tours pendant le salon K 2022 afin de découvrir des entreprises et leurs produits & services.

L’innovation tour du 20 octobre était consacré aux « MATÉRIAUX BIOSOURCÉS ». En effet, les matériaux biosourcés conventionnels sont connus mais de nouvelles perspectives issues des travaux de recherche sur des ressources marines ou végétales offrent également de belles opportunités d’applications. La douzaine de participants se sont rendus sur le stand de MITSUBISHI pour une présentation des matériaux Bio PBS, Biobased PVC. Puis ils ont visité le stand des Espagnol KOMPUESTOS afin de discuter des Matériaux issus de l’amidon. La visite a continué avec la société KD FEDDERSON pour découvrir les Matériaux issus de l’huile de ricin avant de terminer par la société française NATUREPLAST pour échanger sur les Biopolymères intégrant des huîtres, algues, bactéries. Les participants se sont particulièrement intéressés aux caractéristiques des produits proposés aux les volumes disponibles, ainsi qu’à la fin de vie.

L’innovation tour du 25 octobre s’est concentré sur le : « RECYCLAGE MULTI-MATERIAUX ». Les nombreux enjeux sur la recyclabilité des matériaux utilisés dans nos filières sont nombreux. Le parcours proposé aux visiteurs permettait de découvrir plusieurs solutions qui apportent des réponses à cette problématique. Le parcours a commencé avec Polyloop centré sur le recyclage des composites souples, puis Skytech qui utilise la technologie de triboelectricité pour séparer les matières, Sedem qui fait du recyclage mécanique et l’allemand Separatec qui a une installation pour recycler les emballages papier, plastique et aluminium.

Two thematic innovative tours to discover the major trends of the moment

Polymeris offered innovation tours during K 2022 to discover companies and their products & services.

The innovation tour on October 20 was dedicated to "BIOSOURCED MATERIALS". Indeed, conventional bio-based materials are well known, but new perspectives resulting from research on marine or plant resources also offer great opportunities for applications. The dozen participants visited the MITSUBISHI stand for a presentation of Bio PBS and Biobased PVC materials. Then they visited the stand of the Spanish company KOMPUESTOS to discuss starch-based materials. The visit continued with the company KD FEDDERSON to discover the Materials resulting from the castor oil before finishing by the French company NATUREPLAST to exchange on the Biopolymers integrating oysters, algae, bacteria. The participants were particularly interested in the characteristics of the proposed products, the available volumes and the end of life.

The October 25 innovation tour focused on: "MULTI-MATERIAL RECYCLING". There are many issues concerning the recyclability of materials used in our industries. The course proposed to the visitors allowed them to discover several solutions which bring answers to this problem. The tour began with Polyloop, which focuses on the recycling of flexible composites, then Skytech, which uses triboelectricity technology to separate materials, Sedem, which does mechanical recycling, and the German company Separatec, which has an installation for recycling paper, plastic and aluminum packaging.

A plateform for our European projects

A meeting took place with the ELCA (European Lightweight Cluster Alliance) and its members. This moment of exchange made it possible to make a return on the projects: ELCA internationalization, Rightweight and Amulet.

Meetings between partners of the AI-Regio, Polrec, Plastice and Digiprime projects also took place during the exhibition.

A webinar for feedback so you don't miss anything!

Polymeris and Polyvia have conducted a monitoring mission on the K2022 exhibition. On the occasion of a webinar of restitution, take stock of the trends and innovations in plastics and composites detected on the show. See you on Thursday, November 24 from 11am to 12pm.

What's next?

The 2023 international trade fair program is already very busy! We are working with Business France and our partners to continue to offer you support as an exhibitor or visitor on the 2023 events!

You want to exhibit with Polymeris or participate in a visitor or group mission on one of the 2023 shows? Contact your representative!

  • IKTVA, Saudi Arabia, January 30 - February 2 - Jessym Djebbar
  • PlastIndia, New Delhi, February 1-5 - Collective Mission - Sophie Duez
  • ChinaPlast, Shanghai, April 17-20 - Collective mission - Sophie Duez
  • PRSE, Amsterdam, May 10-11 - Collective mission - Sophie Duez
  • Collective mission in Ireland - Roxane Girard
  • Plast, Milan, September 5 to 8 - Exhibitor and/or visitor - Sophie Duez
  • Fakuma, Friedrischafen, October 17 to 21 - Exhibitor and/or visitor - Sophie Duez
  • Formnext, Frankort, November 14 to 17 - Collective mission - Sophie Duez


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