POLREC call for projects for the internationalization of SMEs in the recycling industry launched

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POLREC call for projects for the internationalization of SMEs in the recycling industry launched

The European POLREC project (Supporting a green and resilient Europe through POLymer RECycling) has launched its Call for Projects for the Internationalization of SMEs in the polymer and elastomer recycling industry. Opened on March 22, 2024, it closes on May 22, 2024 at midday CET. This call aims to support SMEs working in the polymers and elastomers sectors in their participation in trade fairs and networking events in Europe (Networking sub-grant) and/or in an exploratory and match-making mission (International Match-making mission sub-grant) in the province of Quebec, Canada, on polymer recycling solutions (mechanical, chemical and digital).

  • Networking sub-grant
Successful applicants will receive a grant for their participation in European trade shows, conferences, symposia, forums and other networking events, up to a total budget of 52,900 euros, on a first-come, first-served basis.
The amount of the grant will be calculated according to the number of days spent by the applicant at the event: for a one-day participation, the lump sum will be 500 euros, for a two-day participation: 1,000 euros and for a three-day participation: 1,500 euros. A day is considered to be a full day of 6 to 8 hours of meetings, networking, conference attendance and trade show booth visits.
Up to 50 candidates will be rewarded, depending on the budget available.
To be selected for funding, SMEs must send the date, location, link to the networking event and reason for participation. Events must take place before July 1, 2025.
POLREC partners have identified a list of events in the POLREC (Guide for Applicant), available on the POLREC application platform. The applicant may propose another event not identified by the POLREC partners, which complies with the criteria set out in section 4.1 of the Guide for Applicants.
The list of identified events in 2024 is as follows. Applicants can ether choose an event from the list or propose   another event if it contributes to the objectives of polymer & elastomer recycling.


  • International Match-making mission sub-grant
Successful applicants will receive a grant to cover the costs of participating in the exploratory and match-making mission organized by the POLREC consortium in the province of Quebec, Canada. The provisional program for this mission is set out in section 4.1 of the Guide for Applicant. It will be worked on and validated by the POLREC partners in close collaboration with their Canadian partners, industrial clusters for plastics, composites and rubber, as well as with internationalization partners and a Canadian service provider, in order to propose site visits and networking events in line with the activities and profiles of the SMEs taking part in the mission.
The amount of the grant is €3,600 per SME, to finance the participation of one person per SME, according to the costs estimated by the POLREC partners and detailed in section 4.1 of the Application Guide.
Successful applicants will receive the requested grant in the form of a lump sum according to the following schedule:
  • Pre-financing of up to €1,250 (defined according to the total number of participants in the mission) of the sub-grant will be transferred to the winner upon proof of payment of up to €1,250 to the service provider indicated by POLREC. This pre-payment is intended to cover the costs of event organization, transport and logistics for the mission, and must be made before October 31, 2024. The pre-payment will be transferred in November 2024 by Polymeris, upon receipt of proof of payment from the successful applicant. If a selected applicant fails to provide proof of payment within the deadline, he/she will be withdrawn from the assignment and his/her grant will be transferred to an applicant on the waiting list.
  • Final funding equivalent to the amount of the remaining grant (i.e. between €2350 and €2430, depending on the amount of pre-payment) will be paid to the applicant after participation in the assignment and the drafting of a short report on the impact of the assignment on the SME's internationalization strategy, within two months of the end of the assignment.

Availability and further information :

This call is open to SMEs located in an EU member state and in countries associated with the Single Market Program 2023 and 2024. Eligible sectors include transport, construction, renewable energies, digital, health, industrial and food packaging. Applicant SMEs must demonstrate that they are developing projects related to the recycling of plastic, rubber or composite waste. Application evaluation criteria are detailed in section 9 of the Application Guide.

More info

Applications must be submitted in English.
Application link: here
For further information, please consult the Guide for Applicant available in English on the application platform.
If you have any questions, please contact Roxane Girard





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