Workshop 3 Cradle-ALP & composites: Value recovery (Collecting, Sorting, Recycling)

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  • Workshop 3 Cradle-ALP & composites: Value recovery (Collecting, Sorting, Recycling)


Workshop 3 Cradle-ALP & Polymer-based composites: Crafting a Circular Roadmap for Composites – Focus on Value recovery (Collecting, Sorting, Recycling)

This workshop is the last one of the series of three virtual workshops organised in the frame of Cradle-ALP project. It welcomes public and private stakeholders from the European Composites Industry to delve into crucial issues and drivers shaping the future of the industry in the Alpine region. Our objective: to set up a Transformation Roadmap for the composites industry to reduce landfill disposal of composites to 10% of total waste by 2035, aligning with the EU Landfill Directive.

Register to the third workshop taking place on March 14th 2024, from 14.00 to 16.30 CET, focusing on value-recovery challenges within the Polymer-based composites sector (Collecting, Sorting and recycling waste from composites-based polymers)

This exclusive exploration is crafted for SMEs, large corporations, academics, public authorities, and researchers across diverse composite industries, including aeronautics, automotive, nautical, and sports & outdoors equipment. We will collect input from participants throughout the workshop to shape a set of recommendation to answer to the current value-recovery gaps and challenges (Collecting, Sorting, recycling) for waste generated by the polymer-based composite industries.

Join us for an insightful exploration and contribute to the future of a more circular composite industry in the Alpine Space region (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland)

This event is organised by Polymeris, Chemie Cluster Bayern,, Technology Center Horb Innonet Kunststoff et l'Ecole d'Ingénieurs et d'Architectes de Fribourg in the frame of the Cradle-ALP project.


This webinar will be held in English.




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