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Club des Industriels - Maison de l'Industrie, 40 Avenue Maryse Bastié 33520 Bruges

Integration of sensors in plastic and composite materials

ACD Nouvelle-Aquitaine, in partnership with the Polymeris and Alpha RLH competitiveness clusters, offers a technical day dedicated to the integration of sensors in plastic and composite materials.

How to rationalize and optimize the use of plastics and composites?
The answer to this vast, multi-faceted and transversal challenge can be found in one word: information. We need information about these materials or their environment.
Information helping to improve their design, their formatting; information during their use, improving the user experience, or informing us about their state; and more broadly, information allowing objects to communicate and even to trigger given actions.

The "intelligence" of materials and the rationalization of their use begins with the capture of information.
The interest of integrating sensors, allowing to measure given physico-chemical parameters, in the heart of these materials, and thus to recover this information, then to convey it, becomes obvious.
This technical day proposes to deepen this integration issue through examples, varied in terms of technologies used, target markets, and information sought.


  • 9:30 am : Coffee reception and introduction of the day
  • 10am : Technical conferences
    • I2M
    • "Making materials sensitive to mechanical interactions" - TOUCH SENSITY
    • "Sensors and piezoresistive materials in composites: the problem of connection" - CANOE
    • "Sensors for air quality improvement" - ENDATEV
    • "Presentation of the printed display (electrochromic device)". - LUCHROME
  • 12h15h : Break
  • 13:45 : Presentation of the demonstrators - Discover and exchange on the innovations presented by the speakers
  • 3:00 pm : Technical conferences
    • "Industrial solutions for the printed electronics sector" - MCVE Technologie
    • "Color intelligence applied to sensors" - OLIKROM
    • "Plastronics" - SYMBIOSE SE2D
    • "Integration of organic photodetectors for biometrics and imaging applications" - ISORG
  • 17h00 : Conclusion

Tarif :

  • Rate for structures based in New Aquitaine or Polymeris members: 40 € HT
  • Rate outside NA or Polymeris member : 80 €HT



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