Polymeris Scientific Day


Amphithéâtre de l’IFPEN Rond-Point de l’échangeur, les levées 69360 Solaize

Scientific day allowing researchers to present their most advanced work.

Polymeric materials, rubbers or composites never cease to surprise us with the specific properties they can bring to a product or a system.

Whether it is for a better temperature resistance, fire resistance, better adhesion characteristics, for particular applications of additive manufacturing, antimicrobial control, or often also for their biodegradation...the list is long of everything that can be conferred to a material to give it specific assets of uses.

This year the theme is therefore focused on these specificities observed and researched through projects by researchers.

Whether you are an industrialist or a researcher, this annual Polymeris day, organized in collaboration with the IPC Technical Center and the Groupement Français des Polymères, is an opportunity to share notable results in the field of specific materials, thanks to the work of renowned laboratories and technical centers, carried out within the framework of collaborative or individual projects :

On the programme, presentations from :

  • CNRS / Institute of Molecules and Materials of Le Mans,
    Industrial Technical Center for Plastics and Compounds (IPC),
    The National Institute of Applied Sciences Centre Val de Loire (INSA),
    Laboratory of Research and Control of Rubber and Plastics (LRCCP),
    The Institute of Chemistry of Clermont Ferrand etc...

Forward Programme


RATE : Free for Polymeris, IPC, GFP members - 60€TTC outside the network

Date : 9th december 2021
: Amphithéâtre de l’IFPEN
Rond-Point de l’échangeur, les levées 69360 Solaize

Contact : Jean-Jacques LEGAT - +33 (0)6 88 39 54 07

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