Polymeris Scientific Day


Amphithéâtre de l’ENSAM 155 boulevard de l’Hopital 75013 Paris

Day allowing researchers from academic laboratories or technical centers to present their most advanced work.

Polymeris organizes its annual scientific day to highlight the research work carried out by academics in the framework of projects supported by the cluster.

This year's theme is biobased materials: they are becoming essential research areas to meet the challenges of decarbonization. Numerous projects deal with these subjects to find total or partial alternatives to petroleum-based materials.

Whether you are an industrialist or a researcher, this annual Polymeris day is an opportunity to share notable results in the field of specific materials, thanks to the work of renowned laboratories and technical centers, carried out in the framework of collaborative or individual projects.

RATE: Free for Polymeris, GFP and IPC members - 120€ TTC outside the network


Jean-Jacques LEGAT

+33 (0)6 88 39 54 07

Jean-Jacques LEGAT

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