Caravan A-RING

Caravan A-RING 09062022


Presentation and exchange session on the action of the A-RING Project in the R&I strategy of the Alpine Space

The aim of this session is to look at the results of the A-RING project in which POLYMERIS is a partner, and to reflect on the importance of policy support for the strategic documents provided by the project. It consists of recommendations and a methodology to prioritize the S3 "Smart Specialization Strategy" topics of research and innovation in the Alpine Space, and a way towards the development of a shared S3 R&I strategy in the same Region.

The A-RING project focuses on the development of an effective research and innovation ecosystem in accordance with the recommendation on which the macro-regional strategies are based:

  • COLLABORATION between countries and regions;
  • CAPITALIZATION of existing instruments, resources and best practices;
  • HARMONIZATION of procedures.

At the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to discuss your own regional strategies and your prospects for inter-regional projects. You are an SME or an industrialist, come and propose your ideas to facilitate your participation in collaborative projects! Public actor, come and contribute to the development of common policies in the Alpine Space.




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