The polymers of tomorrow

Morning Webinar: Tomorrow's Polymers Day - Focus on recycling

Event organized by ACD in partnership with Polymeris and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region

ACD proposes its first meeting on the theme of 'Polymers of Tomorrow': recycled or biosourced? with a remote plenary session (webinar mode), the launch of a series of events for 2021!

The provisional program :

  • Opening remarks
  • Speech of Pr Henri Cramail [LCPO- Bordeaux].
  • Speech by the New Aquitaine Region: global approach - roadmap
  • Restitution of the ADIT study on the technologies of chemical recycling of plastics [E WERNER].
  • Presentation of the actions in progress: methodology, tools, state of progress. AREC - VIA Inno]
  • Presentation of the financing tools [ADEME].

Free participation but registration required: Registration

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